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This exploratory call is FREE, but we cannot help everyone. We are a customized boutique firm and selective about the 6-7 Figure Professionals we work with. Our services start at $3900. Please book only if you are ready to level up and invest in your career within the next 90 days.
Bigger Challenge.
Meet Bob:

Bob came to us because he wanted more challenge in his career and to move from a Director to a COO role. 

He was frustrated with the results of his current search because he had no strategy or understanding of the current executive job market. He had never needed to look for a job and he felt lost and at mercy of decision makers. He had also never held a position in the C-Suite.

During our Partnership, we created his compelling Personal Brand, taught him advanced interviewing techniques, and got him in front of the right people within his target companies.

Within 8 weeks of working together, Bob landed a COO position with a $90,000.00 increase in pay, and within one more year became the CEO.

More Money.
Meet Tina:

Tina came to us underpaid, underappreciated and underemployed. She was frustrated because after 22 years with the same company, and 9 years in the same position she was stuck and stagnant.

During our Partnership, we built her Marketing Materials from scratch and taught her the nuances of controlling the conversation during an interview. 

Within 3 weeks of working together, her new linkedin profile caught the attention of top leadership within her company and they immediately promoted her from Director to Vice President and tripled her scope of responsibility. 

She received an immediate increase of $75,000.00 and her income will double within the next 3 years.

Bigger Impact.
Meet Ram:

Ram came to us with an itch to make a much bigger impact in his career. He was frustrated in his search because he could never get past the initial phone screening. His confidence was shaky because he didn’t know how to get the attention of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley.

During our Partnership, we worked on re-branding and spent the majority of our time together preparing him to master the toughest interviews by executives in the high tech world.  

Within 6 months of working closely with Ram, we helped him land his dream job at Google in a startup division. His new role was creating business ideas with billion dollar impacts. 

He also received a $400,000.00 increase his first year and is reportedly the happiest he’s ever been.

  •  Get out of an uncertain future with a shrinking company and get hired by a company that recognizes your brilliance and sees you as a true investment.
  •  Stop applying for positions you can do in your sleep and start talking with employers about leveling up your career to a higher position. Finally put your skill-set to bigger & better use for your company.
  •  Don't waste time. Skip the average 12-24 months it takes to find and start your next position and slash your search by 6-18 months!
  •  Get out of your current company where you are underemployed, underappreciated and underpaid and find a Re-Energized Career. Be in a prestigious position where you are both excited and fulfilled with a High Growth Company.
  •  Stop Playing SMALL and start a career that challenges you with more responsibility where you can really stretch your abilities and make a bigger impact.
  •  Stop questioning yourself - Be 100% Confident in your Marketability and finally get paid what you're WORTH.
  •  Stop being overlooked. Take your seat at The Executive Table and be seen as a Trusted Advisor and Valued Thought Leader.
"Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth."
Tammy Kabell is considered a national authority in the hiring industry, having been featured as a career counseling expert multiple times in The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, NBC News, Fox News,,, the Kansas City Star and dozens of other online and paper publications. She is also author of The Job Search Accelerator Blueprint and Resume Reboot.

Career Resume Consulting is the only executive career development consulting firm in the United States – and globally – that helps job seeking professionals land their ideal positions and be paid what they’re worth.
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